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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

'Agriculture flourishes because of PM' at Erode

'Agriculture flourishes because of PM' at Erode

In a meeting of expatriate BJP friends held at Dosa village hall, Rugby, near London, BJP farmers wing state president GK Nagaraj attended and spoke that the agriculture flourished due to PM Modi.

He said Rs. 6,000 each under kisan samman scheme was given to crores of farmers only during his rule. Natural farmers were honored with the " Padma Shri " award. It was Prime Minister who mixed neem oil with the urea fertilizer given as subsidy to farmers and brought it to the farmers instead of using it commercially.

He took great efforts to enrich the livelihood of farmers and double their income with introducing various projects like river connection , E -NAM, soil testing , subsidy for organic farming , Farmer Production Organization ( FPO).

He said that agriculture in England is not profitable. A farmer in England who owns a thousand acres suffers due to  frequent changes in climate.

But , the effort taken by the PM make even a farmer who owns one acre to get profit.

In this event , the President of UK Expatriate BJP Friends  Dr. Varadarajan , Kumaraswamy Selvam from America , Ravichandran , Dr. Sudarsan , Saravanan , Nagaraj ,  Murali ,  Kannan , Karthik , Jayakumar , Thambiraj and many living abroad participated.