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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

AIADMK front to capture all 40 MP seats: KAS

AIADMK front to capture all 40 MP seats: KAS

AIADMK front will capture all 40 MP seats in the coming LS poll, said AIADMK former minister and Gobi MLA KA Sengottaiyan. 

Addresssing the booth committee meeting of Gobi East block party unit held at Gobi on Friday, he said the late leader MGR created the party to ensure social justice in the society. So, he became CM for 3 times. He was a humanitarian leader. He alone helped people without any plea from them. On his footsteps, Jayalalithaa came to power and helped people many ways by giving cattle, gold mangalsuthra, lap top etc. On their footsteps, the alliance of the party would emerge in the coming election. Due to the strength of crores of cadres of the party, none would destroy the party. The cadres should review the voters list to ensure the names of all eligible voters in the list. In 1980 LS poll, AIADMK won Gobi and Sivakasi and in the Assembly poll Jaya front won 7 seats in the district. The reason was the cadres hard work. In the coming LS poll, the party front will win all 40 MP seats as the party alone has 2.6 cr members in the nation, he noted. 

Former Minister and Coimbatore mayor SM Velusamy said power tariff, property, water road tax hike etc hit people much. So, DMK cadres themselves wanted this government to go. The DMK rule is functioning for the benefit of a family and not for people. But, AIADMK is for the welfare of the people. Hence, a branch secretary of the party Edapadi K Palanisamy led the party now. He should come to power again. Hence, the cadres and booth committee members should work unitedly to capture all 40 MP seats in TN and Puducherry.  If we work hard, the opposition parties would lose deposit. In fact, AIADMK alone faced LS and assembly election alone and got landslide victory. But, no party could oppose AIADMK independently in the election even now, he noted.