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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AJK College hosts Punjabi food festival at Coimbatore

AJK College hosts Punjabi food festival at Coimbatore

AJK College in Coimbatore, hosted a tantalizing culinary affair, the "Punjabi Food Festival," as part of their Kitchen Carnival 2024. The festival, held on May 12 at AJK College Campus, Navakkarai commenced at 6:30 pm.

The event was inaugurated by AJK's Secretary, Dr. Prof. Ajith Kumar Lal Mohan, alongside distinguished guests including Mr. Senthil Valavan, Director of Coimbatore Airport, and Mr. D. Charles Fabian, Director of Coimbatore Residency Towers. Culinary experts from Radisson Blu Coimbatore and ITC Hotel graced the occasion with their presence.

Over 100 varieties of Punjabi cuisine were showcased, featuring an array of delectable dishes such as Potato Tandoori, Angara Chicken, and Punjabi Samosa. The festival also boasted an extensive selection of salads, pickles, lentil gravies, bread, and desserts, capturing the essence of Punjabi flavors.

A highlight of the event was a vibrant costume parade, where students from AJK College's fashion design department showcased traditional and modern Punjabi attire, captivating the audience.

The festival served as a platform for students of the catering science and restaurant management department to exhibit their culinary prowess, encouraging their skills for future endeavours in the hospitality industry.

With more than 2000 attendees, including the public, children, and food enthusiasts, the Punjabi Food Festival at AJK College was a resounding success, delighting taste buds and celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Punjab.