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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Akash BYJU's Students' NEET score within Top 200 Ranks

Akash BYJU's Students' NEET score within Top 200 Ranks

Students of Aakash BYJU'S from Chennai have scored impressive results in the prestigious National Entrance Examination (NEET) UG 2022 much to the elation of his parents and the entire staff of the Aakash BYJU'S. 2 students, P Harini and Rinit Ravichandran, students of Aakash BYJU’S  have secured scores falling within the top 200 ranks in NEET UG 2022.

Harini obtained AIR Rank 126 and Rinit Ravichandran obtained AIR Rank 150. The students joined Aakash BYJU'S in a two-year classroom programme to crack NEET, considered the world’s toughest entrance exam. They said, “ but for the content and coaching from the Aakash BYJU'S, we would not have grasped many concepts in different subjects in a short period of time. 

Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash BYJU’S, said, “Their achievement speaks volumes of their hard work and dedication as well as the support of their parents. We wish him all the best with their future endeavors.”