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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

All AIADMK General Assembly Resolutions rejected

All AIADMK General Assembly Resolutions rejected

AIADMK Deputy Coordinator K.P Munuswamy said that the General Committee has rejected all the 23 resolutions approved by AIADMK Coordinator O.PanneerSelvam (OPS).AIADMK General Committee meeting chaired by interim leader Tamilmagan Hussain began at Srivaru Mandapam in Vanakaram, Chennai amidst tense situation.

 The meeting was attended by about 2,500 executive and general committee members, including OPS and Edappadi K Palanisamy (EPS). AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam and joint co-coordinator Edappadi Palanisamy were seated on the podium. 

Among them sat Tamilmagan Husain presidium chairman (AvaiThalaivar)
PanneerSelvam proposed that the General Committee be chaired by Tamilmagan Hussain. and Edappadipalanisamy directed.Later when it was announced that Ponnaiyan would propose the general body resolutions, former minister C.V Shanmugam intervened and angrily said that the AIADMK general body would reject all 23 resolutions.

Following is what AIADMK Deputy Coordinator K.P Munuswamy said:All General Committee members have rejected the General Committee resolutions. The cadres want a single leadership. All resolutions will be passed at the next meeting in conjunction with the single leadership resolution. 

The demand of all members is that a single leadership should come.  
Following this, O. Panneerselvam walked out with his supporters.At a public meeting for the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu, it has been announced that the overall resolutions of a party general body will be rejected.

TamilmaganHussain selected as Presidium Chairman (Avai Thalaivar)
   In a tense situation, the AIADMK General Committee and Executive Committee met today. At this meeting, it was announced that Tamilmagan Hussains unanimously elected as Avai Thalaivan of the AIADMK. 

Edappadi Palanisamy, the jointco-coordinator proposed TamilmaganHussain as AvaiThalaivar of AIADMK. Members of the General Committee and the Executive Committee congratulated Tamilmagan Hussein on his election.