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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

AM Jain Group launches 'UNNATI', a skill development program

AM Jain Group launches 'UNNATI', a skill development program

On its 121st Founder's Day, AM Jain Group of Institutions is ushering in a new era of education with the launch of "Unnati," a groundbreaking skill development Initiative. With a sub- stantial investment of Rs 10 crore, Unnati is poised to reshape the educational landscape by providing over 25,000 students annually with essential skills aligned with the demands of technologically advanced future. ‘Unnati’ was launched by Mr. P. Kartikeyan Head of MM, Nokia in the presence of the management committee of AM Jain.

Mr.Udhan Kumar Chordia, Secretary of AM Jain College/Group, emphasized, "We firmly believe in the transformative potential of education. Through Unnati, we are laying the cornerstone for a skilled work- force capable of shaping and propelling tomorrow's innovations."

Mr.SanjeevKorada, Head of Program Unnati, stated, "Our mission revolves around bridging the gap between educational offerings and the actual needs of industries. We are enthusiastic about empowering over 25,000 students annually with the indispensable skills required to excel in this new era of technology."

A.M. Jain aims to partner with Microsoft to provide students the education for microsoft technology products and also aims to improve the quality of the delivery of the course content to the students. Unnati's Skill Development Initiative acknowledges the swift transformations taking place in our world, driven by technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and data analytics. These courses are strategically designed to empower students with the industry-relevant skills required to excel in the future job market.