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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Amit Shah clamps down national integrity

Amit Shah clamps down national integrity

Since the Modi government came to power, it has been keenly working to impose the Hindi language in all states. However, states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka have strongly opposed the dumping attempt.
Tamil Nadu is the only state which vehemently opposes Hindi imposition. It may be recalled that the draft report of the Kasturirangan Committee submitted to the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development a report on the language policy to be followed in the school curriculum. The report suggested that apart from the mother tongue and English, a third national language should be taught. It was suggested that the third language should be Hindi in non-Hindi speaking states and any Indian language in the Hindi speaking states.

When this report was released, the entire Tamil Nadu was agitated. Following this, the Central Government immediately reacted by declaring that "Hindi is not compulsory in non-Hindi speaking states and students can choose to study a third Indian language of their choice".  In this context, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, speaking at a meeting of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee in Delhi, said, 
"The time has come to make the national language as the official language which is an integral part of the unity of the country. 

Citizens of different states should use Hindi, the national language of India, to communicate with each other. Hindi should be considered as an alternative to English." However, states including Tamil Nadu and Kerala have strongly opposed the attempt. Amit Shah's speech has drawn strong condemnation. 

Chief Minister MK Stalin expressed his condemnation by saying, “This seems to be an oppression of national integrity. Does Minister Amit Shah think that only Hindi states are enough rather than Indian states?”
Many leaders including DMK MP Kanimozhi, Karnataka Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah, Dr Ramadoss, Thirumavalavan and KS Alagiri have condemned the incident.  The non-Hindi speaking states have been continuously stating for almost 85 years that the language should not be imposed on other states just because of the fact that it is widely spoken in the country. 

Nehru paid heed to this argument and made English the official language. In India, English should continue to be the lingua franca. All 22 languages, including Tamil, should be official languages. 

The preferences and feelings of the people of all states should be respected when it comes to learning other languages. On the contrary, unity in diversity would be jeopardised if the Union Government intends to impose Hindi. War will erupt in states where non-Hindi speaking people live. The history of the anti-Hindi agitation in Tamil Nadu vouches for the same.

What does Union Minister Amit Shah want? Is his aim to impose Hindi and clamp down on national unity?  That will never happen!