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Today Date : Sunday, February 25, 2024

Amrita Agri College's awareness program

Amrita Agri College's awareness program

The fourth year students of Amrita Agricultural College, Arashampalayam are giving various agricultural awareness programs to the villagers under their rural agricultural training experience program.

As part of it, the students conducted an awareness camp on value addition of agricultural products at Pottaiandipuram where many farmers are engaged in tomato cultivation. Due to the lack of proper price for tomatoes, they are facing heavy losses. 

In this situation, students explained how to sell tomatoes and milk by making value added products and selling them at a higher price. They shared information about making milk pudding, dry tomatoes in large quantities and how to market them.

 Then they gave awareness about the necessary internet extension services to the farmers.Many farmers participated in this event conducted by the students of the  College. The event was guided by Dr. Sudish Manal, Principal of the College.