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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Aneurysm treated in GKNM Hospital

Aneurysm treated in GKNM Hospital

A young lady from Bangladesh with swelling blood vessel in brain was successfully treated with flow diverter stent at GKNM Hospital. A 25 year old lady from Bangladesh  arrived at GKNM Hospital Coimbatore suffer from drooping of eyelid and unable to move the left eyeball. She also had double vision in the left eye.

 Diagnosis reported of a large aneurysm (bulge in blood vessel in the brain)  in the posterior communicating segment of left internal cartoid artery in the brain. The aneurysm is a balloon like swelling in the blood vessel which if ruptured can cause suborchnoid haemorrhage. 

The symptoms vary from thunderclap headache to loss of consciousness and death. She was successfully treated with flow diverter stent, the advanced treatment modality with large lntracranial aneurysms by the GKNM Hospital, neuro interventional radiologist Dr Rasmiranjan Padhi and team.

 The treatment was done by a small hile in the thigh without opening the brain. She was discharged in 2 days from the hospital with improvement in double vision. Her cranial nerve palsy was expected to recover over few months. GKNM Hospital is a stroke ready tertiary care hospital with state of the art Biplane Cathlab providing all type of Neuro interventional procedures.