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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

Annamalai lost by 1 lakh votes in Coimbatore, this is not growth, says EPS

Annamalai lost by 1 lakh votes in Coimbatore, this is not growth, says EPS

In response to criticisms made by BJP state president Annamalai, AIADMK leader Edappadi K. Palaniswami (EPS) expressed his dissatisfaction, pointing out the inconsistencies in Annamalai's statements. EPS highlighted that the AIADMK had previously announced a boycott of the Vikravandi by-election for specific reasons, which were well communicated.

EPS criticised Annamalai for his comments that AIADMK would have finished third or fourth in the by-election, emphasising that such predictions were baseless. He noted that in the recent parliamentary elections, the AIADMK candidate in Villupuram lost by only 6,000 votes, securing the second position.

EPS accused Annamalai of undermining the AIADMK despite being in alliance with them during the time of the Erode by-election. He highlighted that the AIADMK had its reasons for boycotting the Vikravandi by-election, and accused the DMK of unethical practices such as locking people in bars and offering gifts and money to secure votes.

EPS also disputed claims that the BJP's growth in Tamil Nadu was due to Annamalai's leadership. He pointed out that Annamalai contested in Coimbatore and lost by a margin of 1 lakh votes against the DMK, suggesting that the BJP's vote percentage had actually decreased under Annamalai's leadership.

He criticised Annamalai for focusing on giving interviews and talking about other parties without bringing any central government schemes to Tamil Nadu. EPS emphasised that people expected the BJP to fulfil its promises, especially given its current rule at the centre.

Regarding the Vikravandi by-election, EPS mentioned that various party leaders would be seeking AIADMK votes. He firmly stated that defectors from AIADMK would not be reintegrated into the party, as decisions about party membership were made by the General Assembly. He also clarified that Sasikala was not a member of AIADMK and questioned the feasibility of uniting the party under her leadership.

EPS further criticised the DMK government for planning to cover up corruption issues and cited examples of recent smuggling, poisoning, and methanol hoarding cases. He accused the DMK of breaking law and order in Tamil Nadu and urged the media to expose corruption committed by DMK local government officials across the state.