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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Annamalai promises to make Coimbatore a special economic zone

Annamalai promises to make Coimbatore a special economic zone

BJP's Coimbatore Parliamentary candidate, Annamalai, is actively campaigning across various locations in Coimbatore. Accompanied by BJP South Assembly member Vanathi Srinivasan, Annamalai was warmly received by BJP members in Selvapuram arar.

Addressing the crowd during the campaign, Vanathi Srinivasan emphasised the importance of Coimbatore constituency in contributing to the development of India. She urged everyone to ensure a significant victory for the Lotus symbol, symbolising the BJP, in the upcoming elections. Vanathi Srinivasan also highlighted Prime Minister Modi's commitment to bring welfare schemes to Coimbatore.

In his address, Annamalai expressed confidence in the integrity of the people of Coimbatore South Constituency, comparing their support to the honesty symbolised by the Lotus. He urged voters to ensure the victory of the BJP in the parliamentary elections, citing the party's track record of development and honesty.

Annamalai outlined his vision to establish Coimbatore as a Special Economic Zone for jewellery manufacturing, promising support to workers and companies in the sector. He highlighted the initiatives undertaken by MLA Vanathi Srinivasan in infrastructure development and education, underscoring the BJP's commitment to fulfilling promises with tangible actions. Additionally, Annamalai pledged to incorporate the declaration of Coimbatore as a Special Economic Zone into the BJP's election manifesto, aiming to boost the region's economic growth and prosperity.