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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Annamalai's controversial speech

Annamalai's controversial speech

The conflict between AIADMK & BJP has reached a peak again. AIADMK leaders are friendly with Delhi BJP. But the AIADMK does not have a smooth relationship with the Tamil Nadu BJP leaders.

Mainly Annamalai - & Edappadi Palaniswami never had a friendly relationship. It is in this context that Annamalai, who gave an interview between his walk, said, ``We have not neglected O. Panneerselvam. We will decide on NDA alliance. He worked for the development of Tamil Nadu. He has done many things for the development of Tamil Nadu. I want to stay in Tamil Nadu. 

Bring change of regime in Tamil Nadu. That is why I joined BJP. I will listen to the leadership as the party's cadre. I have no desire to go to Delhi and get a post there. So I will not contest the Lok Sabha elections. He has said that I will do politics only in Tamil Nadu, he said.

It is at this stage that Annamalai has suddenly taken a break from his walk. Had to go walking in Madurai yesterday. But the walk did not happen. Annamalai was expected to go to Delhi. Instead Annamalai was in Chennai.

Why take rest between Annamalai trip. He never went that far. Why rest when he doesn't walk that far? Did he walk 120 & -150 km? No? He walked a total distance of 30-40 km. He could not have gone further.

He goes in a caravan. He walks a maximum of 3-4 kilometers per day. He reaches the town boundary by bus and then walks inside. He goes back to the caravan. There has also been criticism that he is going on a trip and not a walk.

In this situation, it has been reported that the BJP leadership is keeping a close eye on the Annamalai. Delhi has told him, ``Don't create controversy by offending AIADMK unnecessarily, rather look at the work of developing the party.'']

Annamalai's talk about OPS in Madurai has become a controversy. AIADMK has complained about this to Nadda in Delhi. They are complaining that Annamalai is creating trouble unnecessarily.

That is why the BJP leadership has condemned Annamalai. Opponents are criticizing that this is the reason why he stopped the padayatra and went to rest. There is no doubt that the pilgrimage to Annamalai...the padayatra will continue. But the question is whether BJP & AIADMK relationship will blossom in Tamil Nadu. Relationship in Delhi... If friction in Tamil Nadu, alliance dharma becomes a joke. It is still going on.
Is it true that the BJP has reined in the top brass? Does it control Annamalai?
Let's see!