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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Annamalai’s  Political future!

Annamalai’s Political future!

As the Karnataka assembly poll is heating up, opinion polls suggest that the ruling BJP will lose power and that the main opposition Congress will win with a majority. Between these two major parties, JDS is fighting hard to maintain its presence.
In this situation, the results of the poll conducted jointly by popular channel TV 9 Kannada and C Voter have been released yesterday.
The Congress party leaders are excited as it has been reported that the Congress party is likely to get a single majority in this poll. On the contrary, it has been reported that BJP and JDS parties will lose a large number of seats to the Congress party compared to the last election. The leaders of both the parties are disturbed by this.
At the same time, the BJP has made a strategy to retain power in Karnataka by focusing on Prime Minister Modi's campaign.
Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai seem to cause more problems than ever . There has been no shortage of controversies ever since he was announced as BJP’s head quarter observer.’
During the election of BJP candidates, there was strong opposition to the names suggested by Annamalai within the BJP itself. It was said that because of Annamalai, a situation has arisen where more disaffected candidates are contesting in the BJP. Thus Annamalai was summoned to Delhi. Even so, Prime Minister Modi was on a trip to Tamil Nadu at that time. But Annamalai was not allowed to go to Tamil Nadu. He had created so much trouble within the BJP.
Following this, Congress filed a complaint against Annamalai to the Election Commission. It was alleged thatAnnamalai took a huge amount of money in a helicopter to give to the voters. This complaint also created a huge controversy in the Karnataka election arena.
Now Karnataka Congress chief spokesperson NagarajGowda has sent a letter to the Election Commission. In it he has mentioned, ``Annamalai worked as an IPS officer in Karnataka. He uses his influence to pressure police officers to act in favor of BJP candidates. Due to this, money and goods are distributed to the voters. Since Annamalai is a former police officer, his vehicle was not searched. Annamalai is threatening various Congress leaders with income tax raids. Therefore, it has been urged that the Election Commission should ban election campaigning of  Annamalai.
Annamalai, who has been a controversial figure in Tamil Nadu, is also embroiled in a series of controversies in the Karnataka election arena. He is being talked about there too.
What will be the political future of Annamalai? Will it be determined by the result of the Karnataka election? There is no doubt that it will resonate in the Tamil Nadu BJP!