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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Annamalai's Yatra and Edappadi's stubbornness!

Annamalai's Yatra and Edappadi's stubbornness!

Will AIADMK form an alliance with BJP? They suddenly become close and suddenly the become shriveled. What is happening within the AIADMK alliance?


Tamil Nadu BJP State President Annamalai is going to start a walk across Tamil Nadu from Rameswaram. Union Minister Amit Shah will inaugurate this walk. 

BJP wanted Edappadi Palaniswami, OPS, T.T.V Dhinakaran to attend the inaugural function as Amit Shah would inaugurate it. Accordingly, Edappadi Palaniswami had promised that "if necessary, I will come to attend" while the BJP national leadership had invited all the three people to attend the function. But only after that, Edappadi Palaniswami came to know latter that the BJP leadership had also invited OPS and T,T.V Dhinakaran. He is upset after knowing this. 

When he met J.P Nadda in Delhi, he said that they should not be included in the AIADMK-BJP alliance, but if they are inviting them, what does Delhi think? Edappadi Palaniswami must have been upset.

That is why Edappadi Palaniswami did not participate in this event. He is stubborn. On the other hand, it has been announced that former minister Udayakumar will participate as AIADMK has been invited.

BJP is in the alliance led by AIADMK. Annamalai is also undertaking this walk focusing on the upcoming elections. That being the case, if the AIADMK general secretary participates in the walk under his leadership, it will be a slippery slope for the AIADMK. In other words, people will get the impression that the AIADMK alliance will be formed under the leadership of the BJP. The fact that Edappadi Palaniswami did not participate to avoid it, is presented as a side argument of the AIADMK.

Meanwhile, Edappadi Palaniswami's decision has left Amit Shah and the BJP unsatisfied. Perhaps if Edappadi Palaniswami stands firm till the end with the same stubbornness with the BJP, the minority votes will automatically fall to the AIADMK, say political commentators. On the other hand, how is the BJP going to capitalize on the votes of the AIADMK, which has the highest voter turnout? The question also arises.