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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Annamalai tussle with AIADMK again

Annamalai tussle with AIADMK again

Let's talk about all the parties that have been ruling in Tamil Nadu so far, not just the DMK says BJP leader Annamala. His talk about the corruption of all the parties has created excitement and controversy.

BJP leader Annamalai met the reporters to publish the corruption list of DMK. Talking about many things, Annamalai mentioned that he bought his Raphael watch from Cheralathan Ramakrishnan.

Talking about corruption in this interview, he said, Annamalai will not only talk about DMK in the corruption list. "If we oppose something, we must oppose the very basis. We need to talk from the bottom most parts of an issue. DMK files are not going to end now. It will not stop with Part 1. 

Let's talk about all the parties which are ruling in Tamil Nadu till now. Let's talk about the corruption of all the parties. Let's talk about all this before the Lok Sabha elections. Let's talk about their corruption. I will talk about the corruption of all the ruling parties. As long Annamalai is there, it cannot be stopped', he has said.

Annamalai has mentioned that this is a fight against corruption. Annamalai has said that he will talk about everyone from the government before 2024. Annamalai says that it is not only DMK but all the parties and corruption list will be published before the Lok Sabha elections. Is this a threat to AIADMK? The question has been raised in political circles.And it is not necessary to become an MP at their mercy. Annamalai mentioned that even if he loses in 10 elections, it doesn't matter. This raises the question whether he is talking about the AIADMK.

AIADMK has expressed its condemnation to Annamalai who said that he will expose AIADMK corruption. AIADMK Deputy General Secretary K.P Munusamy says that he should not talk as if only Annamalai is working for the country.
On the whole, Annamalai has once again raked up  conflict with the AIADMK. If this friction continues, there is no doubt that it will affect the AIADMK and BJP alliance in the 2024 elections!