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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

ARS Steels launches "Know the Truth" campaign on TMT wire quality testing

ARS Steels launches "Know the Truth" campaign on TMT wire quality testing

ARS Steels, a leading quality TMT manufacturer, launched its "Know the Truth" campaign to create awareness among the general public. For the first time in India, with an investment of around Rs 15 crore, this awareness campaign will be conducted across Tamil Nadu for the next one year with 12 mobile technology vehicles installed with exclusive German technologies to test TMT bars. 

Mr.Ashwani Kumar Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director, ARS Steels, said, Traditionally, Indian construction material consumers have chosen Tamil Nadu, especially for high-quality TMT bars. Post-Covid, consumer buying habits for TMT wires have changed drastically and consumers are opting for lower-quality products due to lower prices. Consumers are unable to understand the effect of low-quality TMT wires on the durability of structures".

He added that, keeping this in mind, ARS Steels is introducing an awareness campaign of its kind, the first of its kind in the industry, to help consumers choose the right quality TMT rods. ARS Steels has invested nearly Rs. 15 crore in 12 mobile technology laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art spectrometers to test TMT wires at the doorsteps of consumers. The ARS technology vehicle is expected to complete approximately 2780 km of Chennai roads within a month. Similarly, all roads in Tamil Nadu are expected to be completed within approximately one year. ARS is offering this test, worth Rs. 1500, for free to the general public. 

ARS Steels "Know the Truth" campaign aims to create awareness among TMT bar buyers across the state. The special technology installed in these vehicles examines various aspects of TMT wires like quality, firmness, and durability and gives a report on their standard.