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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Arun Rajeev of i-Robochakra  introduces Vetiver cooler fan

Arun Rajeev of i-Robochakra introduces Vetiver cooler fan

As temperatures soar this summer, finding innovative ways to beat the heat becomes essential. Arun Rajeev of  i-Robochakra, has risen to the challenge with his latest creation: the Vetiver Cooler Fan.
This unique cooling solution combines sustainability with efficiency. 
The Vetiver cooler fan works by attaching a ready-made vetiver curtain to an existing standing fan, strategically positioned at a distance from the fan frame.
Here's how it works: The fan operates fully automated, switching off when necessary. 
Water is sprinkled onto the vetiver curtain, which absorbs it. 
The fan then switches on, circulating cool air throughout the room. Excess water is collected in a bucket and reused for sprinkling, ensuring minimal wastage.
This process repeats, resulting in a gradual but noticeable drop in temperature. 
In just half an hour, users can expect a cooling effect of up to 1.5 degrees according to Arun.
Not only does the Vetiver Cooler Fan provide relief from the heat, but it also promotes eco-friendliness, sustainability, and green energy. 
Arun Rajeev's innovative solution offers a clean and refreshing indoor environment without the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. He can be reached @ 96553 12329.