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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Arya, Diljith share  honours in LGB Formula 4

Arya, Diljith share honours in LGB Formula 4

Arya Singh and T.S. Diljith of Dark Don Racing shared a race win each in the LGB Formula 4 class in the 26th JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway in Chettiapalayam here on Sunday.
Arya stole the limelight winning both the races in style the other day. It did raise his confidence levels but, despite that he decided to play it smart and straight going into the opening race of the day, which turned out to be a tight affair.Starting on pole, he quickly jumped into the lead. Diljith played catch up and, at one stage, even managed to scream ahead but Arya shut the door on him.Diljith was not one to give in. He put the pedal to the metal a bit more and, this time around, and nosed ahead. From there, the duo exchanged positions a couple of times. Midway through, Tijil Rao (Dark Don Racing) joined the action and had the large crowd roaring in delight.
The results (provisional):
JK Tyre Novice Cup: Race 1:1. Arjun S. Nair (Momentum Motorsport) 14:04.119; 2. Neythan McPherson (Momentum Motorsport) 14:04.903; Jigar Muni (Momentum Motorsport) 14:05.709. Race 2: 1.Neytham McPherson 13:57.174; 2. Arjun S. Nair 13:57.347; 3. Jigar Muni 13:58.230.
LGB Formula 4: Race 1: 1.Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) 19:25.449; 2.Tijil Rao (Dark Don) 19:29.336; 3. T.S. Diljith (Dark Don) 19:29.549. Race 2: 1. T.S. Diljith 27:43.905; 2. 27:48.518; 2.Tijil Rao 27:48.538 3. Arya Singh 27:49.901.JK Tyre presents RE Continental GT Cup: 1. Jagadeesh Nagaraj (Bengaluru) 13:38.407; 2. Ullas S. Nanda (Bengaluru) 13:39.060; 3. Abhishek Vasudev (Bengaluru) 13:39.112.JK Tyre presents 250 Cup: 1. Sarvesh Balappa (Hubballi) 15:00.976; 2. Aldrin Babu (Chalakudy) 15:08.360; 3. Ashish Patel (Vadodara) 15:08.617.