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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Atrocious crime against women and children!

Atrocious crime against women and children!

In Tamil Nadu, shocking information has come out about Dada gangs (Gangs involved in organized crime) who earn money by begging in public places such as railway stations, bus stations and temples.

Some gangs are doing this like a business as they collect thousands every day. Poor women and children are brought from long distances to the cities and made to beg. Dadas themselves embezzle the huge amount by giving them only a few hundred of the collected money.

This information is shocking to the public and social activists. In this situation, the Tamil Nadu Police has taken action in the name of ``Operation Rehabilitation'' to eliminate gangs involved in begging and rescued many people. Police rescued 742 people, including 16 children, in a single day and kept many with their families. Many have been safely handed over to archives.

The public will not support the people who are truly unable to work, the elderly, the elderly, the differently abled, the mentally challenged, who have been neglected by the society. Is it dharma to protect the poor? That dharma has touched and lived since the beginning of time.

But gangs that make begging a profession must be eradicated. Moreover, this heinous crime against women and children brings shame to the country. The police have stepped up their search for the gang involved in this business.

DGP Sailendrababu has warned of action under the Gangster Act against those who involve poor women and children in such business. He also said that if you have information about people who bring women and children from far distances and force them to beg, you can contact the number 044-28447701 and inform them.

Kudos to the Tamil Nadu Police and DGP Shailendrababu who are rooting out the gangs that make women and children beg. The police should not forget that success can only be achieved through relentless action.

In the public interest, we will join hands with the police. We will share any information we have with the police. Let's take part in community service, come on people!