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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Automatic Water Management System  introduced

Automatic Water Management System introduced

In accordance with the guidance of the Collector Rajagopal Sunkara, an automatic drinking water system was introduced in the Ponmudi panchayat in Perundurai block.

Officials said ''Under the system, drinking water is being distributed through automatic water distribution control devices in 9 hamlets of the panchayat. Automatic water supply control devices are installed in the over head tank at an estimated cost of Rs. 15.00 lakhs through panchayat fund and potable water is distributed.

  Thus, the water collected in the surface water reservoirs is completely prevented from overflowing from the tank. Drinking water distribution is being done in a consistent manner to every resident at the specified time every day. If there is any change in the timings of drinking water distribution, everyone is informed in advance through the WhatsApp group.

  Thus, by knowing in advance the time when drinking water will be distributed, the public can easily get the drinking water they need. Also, distribution of drinking water through automatic water supply control devices has increased the number of women going to work.They save time and get potable water supply at their homes without traveling. 

   Due to potable water supply through automatic water supply control devices, electricity consumption is greatly reduced. Rs 56,000 per month can be saved in the Ponmudi panchayat due to reduced maintenance cost of electric motors and equipment. Panchayat public fund is saved.   

   A demonstration meeting was held for 87 Panchayat Presidents who were given administrative permission to carry out the water supply project through water supply control devices. During the training given to the leaders in this meeting, it was informed about the prevention of wastage of water and saving of electricity bill through this project. 

During these inspections, Rural Development and Panchayat Department Executive Engineer Ramaswamy, Assistant Director (panchayat) Surya, Assistant Executive Engineer Sundar, Perundurai BDO Shanmughapriya, Ponmudi Panchayat president Thangavel and other Panchayat Presidents and government officials participated.