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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

Azhagiri rues over Congress fate in TN

Azhagiri rues over Congress fate in TN

Congress workers should think and discuss why Congress could not come to power in Tamil Nadu for the last 60 years, TNCC President KS Azhagiri said. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is starting the 148 day 'Bharat Unity Padhayathra' from Kanyakumari on Sept 7th. In this connection, a zonal level advisory meeting was held in Erode on Saturday. In his speech, KS Azhagiri said: Rahul Gandhi will start his yatra from Kanyakumari on the 7th and finish it in Kashmir. 

We need to explain to people why this walk. The difference between the benefits done by the Congress and the disadvantages done by the BJP should be conveyed to the people by the Congress party. Congress will do whatever is good for the people. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, was praised by the people and leaders of the country not only in India but also in America and Europe. Modi said that he will double the income of the farmers. But, now, everyone knows what is the plight of farmers. 

Indira Gandhi ensurede Green Revolution to eliminate food shortages in India. Agriculture, industry and economy grew only during the Congress period. Secularism prevailed and people lived without fear. 
That is why even now it is up to the Congress to keep India from falling apart. People believe that it can. Countries like Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka were scattered because of the absence of a movement like Congress.

Similarly, we should think why Tamil Nadu has not been able to come to power for the past 60 years. Senior leaders should discuss it and create a situation to capture power in the state by expressing uniform view in public forum. Rahul Gandhi himself pointed out the inner party bickerings in TNCC openly. So, inner party differences should not be discussed in open forum, he advised. Former state presidents KV.Thangabalu, S. Thirunavukkarasar, EVKS Elangovan, MLA's Selvaperunthagai, Ganesh, Thirumahan EVR and many others spoke.