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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Battle field of struggle rage against the Governor!

Battle field of struggle rage against the Governor!

More than 20 bills passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly have been shelved in the Governor's House without any result. Governor R.N Ravi has said that if they are shelved it means they have been rejected.
The governor has also said that the protests against Sterlite were instigated by foreigners vilifying the people's massive protest. The question of whether the governor is involved in the act of humiliating the people who fought and made sacrifices are unanswered.

Opposition to the above comments of the Governor is growing in Tamil Nadu. Democratic parties warn that no one has given him the power to veto all bills and that the governor has shown the height of autocracy. Another question that has arisen is whether the Governor, instead of expressing his views with respect to the highest responsibility he holds, is constantly engaging in the act of disrespecting the highest responsibility.
It has been several months since the members of Parliament from Tamil Nadu petitioned the President for the return of the Governor of Tamil Nadu. But no action.

So it seems that Governor R.N Ravi has not realized the duty assigned to him. On the contrary, for Tamil Nadu, the people of Tamil Nadu have a suspicion that the Union Government and the Governor are trying to achieve their narrow political objectives by provoking the people of Tamil Nadu and creating law and order problems by acting against the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Constitution stipulates that the Governor shall act on the basis of the joint advice of the State Cabinet. In this situation, all the parties have prepared themselves to fight against Governor R.N Ravi. The secular progressive alliance parties led by the DMK have announced that they will besiege the Governor's House on the April 12. 

The Edappadi Palaniswami-led AIADMK has also strongly condemned the Governor's speech.  There is no doubt that the whole of Tamil Nadu will rally against the Governor. Therefore, Governor R.N Ravi should withdraw his wrong comments and express regret or resign from the post of Governor and leave Tamil Nadu. What will Governor R.N Ravi do?