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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Tenkasi Bharat Montessori school secures 100% pass percentage

Tenkasi Bharat Montessori school secures 100% pass percentage

Bharath Montessori School in Ilanji has reason to celebrate as it achieved remarkable success in the recent Class 10 State Board Exams. Nithya Sree, a standout student from the school, secured the top spot in the district-level exams with an outstanding score of 495 out of 500. Following closely behind, Jayadharshan scored an impressive 486 out of 500, while Nithish achieved a commendable 481 out of 500.

One of the most remarkable achievements of Bharath Montessori School is its flawless 100% pass rate. Alongside this impressive statistic, the school also witnessed six students achieving perfect scores in Maths and four students in Science.

The school's leadership, including Chairman Mohanakrishnan, Secretary Ganthimathi Mohanakrishnan, and Principal Balasundar, expressed their immense pride and admiration for the top scorers and centum achievers. This success not only highlights the students' dedication and innovative approach to learning but also underscores Bharath Montessori's unwavering commitment to encouraging academic excellence among its students.