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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Bharat Rice: A welcome initiative but needs  decentralization

Bharat Rice: A welcome initiative but needs decentralization

The name "Bharat Rice" refers to the subsidized rice that the central government would introduce, priced at Rs. 29 per kilogram. 
The packages containing this subsidized rice weigh 5 kg and 10 kg. In Delhi, PiyushGoyal, the Union Minister of Food, presented it.
The government has made arrangements to sell 5 lakh tons of rice in the retail market during the first phase. 
The National Cooperative Consumer Federation of India, National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India, National Food Corporation of India, KendriyaBhandar stores, and mobile vans will all sell it.The central government has already introduced Bharat Atta and Bharat Dal in the market. At present, wheat flour under the name “Bharat Atta” is being sold at a subsidized price of Rs.27.50 a kg and white chickpeas under the name “Bharat Dal” at a subsidized price of Rs.60 per kg.
It is sold only in more than 2 thousand outlets across the country.
The retail and wholesale prices of rice have increased by about 15 percent in the last one year. 
Despite the ban on exports, prices continue to rise. 
So the Union Government's decision to introduce "Bharat Rice" in the market to control the price is a welcome initiative.
However, the impoverished and middle class were unaware of this program and were unable to even find out where to obtain Bharat rice, Bharat atta, and Bharat dal.
As a result, the Union Government's generous pricing on necessities should be distributed throughout the nation through decentralization.Villages should be included in the program. People won't profit till then, and the initiative will be a success!