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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Bio-fertilisers produced in 10 centres

Bio-fertilisers produced in 10 centres

District Collector H.Krishnanunni said that 9,970 kg of bio- fertilizer has been produced so far in 10 production centers in the district and 5,367 kg of fertilizer has been sold. He inspected the micro-compost manufacturing center operating on behalf of DRDA at Thudupathi in Perundurai Panchayat Union,  on Monday. 

Regarding the study, he said:  Micro-composting centers are functioning at Guruvareddiyur, Kaunthappadi, Mukasippidariyur, Ottaparai, Kathirampatti, Mettunasuvampalayam, Pichandampalayam, Kullampalayam, Gosanam and Tudupadi. In this center, compostable waste such as vegetable, fruit and leaf waste is collected by sanitation guards from the residences in the panchayats and sent to the composting center. 

The microbial fertilizers produced here are being sold to the farmers. So far 9,970 kg of compost has been produced and 5,367 kg of compost has been sold. He said that the farmers should get these micro-fertilizers and increase the food production. During the inspection, Additional Collector L. Madhubalan and officials were present.