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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

BJP farmers wing starts study on LBP canal

BJP farmers wing starts study on LBP canal

BJP farmers wing recorded the views of farmers of Lower Bhavani Project (LBP) canal regarding  its modernization plan of PWD at the tail end area of the canal at Mangalpatti where LBP dam water did not reach adequately. 

Mr.G.K.Nagaraj, Chairman of the Study Committee and State President of the BJP Agriculture Team met the Ayakattu farmers and heard their opinions and also met the farmers who did not get irrigation facilities from canals (non-Ayakattu) and heard their opinions.  All comments were duly audio and video recorded.

Similarly, a team consisting of State General Secretaries Ms. Kavitha, Mr. Lokesh, Mr. Mounagurusamy and Tirupur South District President Mr. Vivekanandan was formed to go directly to the houses of the farmers in branch canals in Mangalapatti and register it.

A team of 20 people was formed to study the canals leading from Mangalpatti main canal distribution. They will directly meet the farmers of Ayakattu who are getting irrigated facilities of 777 acres in Monchanur, 4057.89 acres in Anjoor and 3165.8 acres in Mangalpatti, and will ask for their views on irrigation and maintenance in the canals in coming days, Nagaraj said. 

The study is being made to find facts regarding the project  while the ryots of the ayacut and non ayacut divided among themselves for and against the Rs 710 cr modernization plan. A section of ryots opposed the project on the ground of that it would arrest seepages from the canal, hit the ground water table and thus create drinking water scarcity in many villages besides felling down of over 4.5 lakh trees.

 But, another section of ryots wanted implementation of the project to ensure water to the ryots of tail end areas in the 2.07 lakh acre ayacut, check damages to the earthen bunds of the canal and stealing of water by big farmers in non ayacut area,  industries, and educational institutions.