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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

BJP leader wants steps  to improve Cotton Production

BJP leader wants steps to improve Cotton Production

The current problem in the textile sector caused due to rise in cotton and yarn prices can only be solved by increasing the cotton cultivated  area, without blaming the Central government, said BJP farmers wing state president GK Nagaraj.He said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has written to the Prime Minister to control the prices of cotton and yarn. 

The Centre  has abolished the 11% import duty on cotton. But the problem was not yet solved.  In fact, the decline in cotton production in Tamil Nadu is the main reason for today's problem in Tamil Nadu which alone accounts for 60% of the total number of spinning mills in India. TN has 893 big, 792 small mills,  3.20 lakh registered powerlooms, 142 Powerloom coop societies and over 15000 ready-made garment units.''

 They are functioning by using cotton as raw material. The livelihood of more than 50 lakh workers depends on them. The demand for cotton in Tamil Nadu is one crore bales but the production is only six lakh bales.  Therefore, we depend on the cotton production of Maharashtra, Telangana and Gujarat.
Today, there is an increase in the number of spinning mills in Gujarat. So, only after meeting their needs, the rest reaches TN. 

 But, only 5% of the cotton produced in Telangana is used there for domestic production and rest is sent to other states. However, due to low cotton production in TN, 94% of the cotton is procured from other states. So,  transportation cost increased the prices of cotton, cotton shortage was prevailing and the mills were not earning adequate profit. 

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who says he intends to create self-sufficiency in Tamil Nadu, should immediately start intensive cotton cultivation. Coimbatore, known as the "Manchester of South India". But, now, cotton  production is said to be much low in the district. So,  separate board should be constituted to promote cotton cultivation, deal labour shortage and pest attack problem etc. to help spinning mills to function properly.''