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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

BJP seeks arrest of A Raja

BJP seeks arrest of A Raja

 BJP state vice-president Professor Kanakasabapati submitted a petition at the Erode SP office seeking arrest of Nilgiris MP A Raja for speaking obscenely about Hinduism and Hindus.  He said "The video of his speech at the meeting is spreading on social media in which he said, if you are not a Christian, or a Muslim, or a ParsiI, the Supreme Court says that one must be a Hindu. 

He said that in no nation, such a stand is seen and insulted Hindus in many ways.'' It is deliberately intended to offend the sentiments of Hindus,  incite religious enmity,  disturb public peace,  insult the beliefs of a particular religion and thereby to incite religious sentiments. His speech is also contrary to the SC ruling and letter and spirit of the Constitution. 

Therefore action should be taken against him under IPC sections 153 153A 295 295A 296 298 499 504 505. The DMK leadership should remove him from the party.  In his Nilgiris constituency, BJP will hold stirs in all unions. BJP will intensify the agitation until  appropriate action is taken against him. It is reprehensible to talk like this while pointing to Manu Dharma.

RSS has already announced that it supports only the good aspects of the dharma. RSS does not support caste division, untouchability and other retrogressive ideas of it.  In fact, the Constitution is supreme than Manu dharma.  That is what everyone should follow. 

It is unacceptable to insult Hindus and the religion by citing the views expressed in the situation in those days in Manu dharma. 

Now, none followed it.  The ancient Sanatana dharma is called as Hindu dharma which says everyone is equal. This world is a family. Love is God. And that's what we call Vasu Deva Kutumbakam. Hinduism accepts both atheist and theist. Hindus can worship gods as they wish, but in other religions they do not allow those who criticize their religion.

So,  they speak against Hinduism only in the name of freedom speech, but did not speak against other religions which also have many shortfalls, divisions, castes, misconceptions etc.  Periyar once said that Tamil is a barbarian language. Whether A Raja supports that opinion? Similarly, BJP supports only the good things of Manu Dharma. 

Sanatana dharma which has existed for thousands of years is said to be a religion only after the emergence of Christianity and Islam.  No one can deny it.  If Raja wants he can come to conduct a debate with him, he said. Party south district president Senthilkumar, functionaries Eswaramurthy, Pon Rajeshkumar, Annadurai, and many others accompanied him.