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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

BJP stages demo  against milk price hike

BJP stages demo against milk price hike

BJP cadres staged a demonstration against increase in electricity tariff, property tax, water tax, milk price etc in Anthiyur on Tuesday.  Heading the stir, BJP state president  Annamalai said that this demonstration is the necessity of the times as every morning the prices of essential goods and services are on the rise.

 Tamil Nadu is the only state which has not reduced the price of petrol and diesel even though the Central government has reduced the price.  There is no CM in India like the CM who is suffering from publicity mania disease. DMK is deceiving people for 16 months while Udayanidhi is releasing all the films in Tamil CM is watching Love Today movie when people are affected by floods.  He has raised the price of milk by Rs 12  after hiking purchase price by Rs 3. 

Milk price hike

The price of milk has been increased by the people just to collect the commission. Aavin becomes bankrupt due  commission earned by politicians.  The minister concerned should visit the Gujarat Amul company at the BJP's expense and find out how they are making profits. 

Nassar has been telling many lies. This year's Pongal collection was KGF 1. Next year's Pongal collection will be more terrible than it.  The CM has a desire to become like Prime Minister Modi, and if he wants to become Modi, he should not let anyone of his family members in administration, his hands should be clean, and has qualification, skill, God's grace. 

In 2024 parliamentary elections, Tamil Nadu  come to the side of the nationalism and honesty in politics and in the poll, BJP to capture 25 seats  and some of them would become ministers. In Tamil Nadu, those who killed the Prime Minister were celebrated by giving sweets.  The government can even give a job to the family of Jamesa Musab, who died in a car bomb blast in Coimbatore. DMK's current  drama is pretending to be having faith on God.The BJP North District President Gayathri Vijayakumar presided.