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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

BJP threatens stir against TNPCB

BJP threatens stir against TNPCB

BJP farmers wing state president GK Nagaraj said the wing would soon stage a stir against the TNPCB if it doesn't take action to check pollution problem in Perundurai Sipcot industrial growth centre. 

In a release, he alleged that although there are more than one hundred dye waste unit's in the industrial estate set up in Perundurai Sipcot, some textile units have formed an alliance with the TNPCB in order to save the cost of dye waste treatment and earn more profit by discharging the untreated dye waste water into the drain and causing serious damage to the surrounding area, nearby villages and agricultural lands.

 The height of administrative comedy is that the district administration and the pollution control board deceived the farmers that crores of untreated dye waste water was released into a stream, caught in a truck with a capacity of ten thousand liters and treated.

Even though the best treatment plant in India has been set up there, the actions of the officials who are engaging in malpractice for their own profit and destroying the agricultural land without properly maintaining it and not properly enforcing the rules of the Pollution Control Board are reprehensible.

Vettuvapalayam pond (35 acres) , Senkulam , Odaikattur pond (17 acres) , Kannaikatu pond (50 acres) and Palathozhvu pond ( 477 acres) have been used for agriculture and livestock for drinking water. But the water was contaminated there.

 So, the people of the area have started a stir in the Pollution Control Board office as they have stopped transporting the dyed waste water in trucks.

If this situation continues, the BJP agriculture team will mobilize the farmers and take up the struggle to save the farmers, he warned.