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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

BJP, TMC worry over L &O situation in TN

BJP, TMC worry over L &O situation in TN

TMC youth wing state president M Yuvaraja worried over the law and order situation in the state as many policemen were injured in the riot held in front of the school at Kaniyamur, Chinnasalem, Kallakurichi district on Sunday following the death of a student Srimathi, daughter of Ramalingam, on July 12.

It is said that her parents received a message that she died by felling down from 3rd floor of the school. But, her parents alleged that she was murdered and the post mortem report said that she had injuries on her body and blood stains on her dress even before her death. 

It brought much flutter in the area leading to agitations by her relatives. Unfortunately, the officials of the education department, school education or higher education minister visited her parents and console them. Since Saturday, there were messages in the social media about agitations on the suspicious death of the girl. 
The police did not take any precautionary steps to check the proposed stirs. It finally led to major law and order problem, violence, attack on the school, vehicles and policemen and officials.

It raised doubts whether Law and Order situation is good in the state. So, the government should take stern action on those who involved in the violence, he pleaded. BJP: BJP farmers wing state president GK Nagaraj also worried over the riot in the district on Sunday. 

He said though the suspicious death of the girl was under police investigation, some used social medias to trigger violence on Saturday itself. So, the violence seen on Sunday was a pre-planned one. 
However, the CM appealed to the public to maintain peace without realizing that the law and order problem was created by some persons deliberately while the students parents and relatives didn't participate in the stir. 

So, his stand is seemed to be an effort to hush up the conspiracy hatched by some persons to create law and order problem and protect them.The failure of police, and intelligence wing in preventing the violence by taking action in advance vindicated that they have lost people's faith that they would protect them.