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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

BJP to hold coconut  distribution stir on Jan 2

BJP to hold coconut distribution stir on Jan 2

Stating that DMK is afraid of BJP because it points out the mistakes of the government, BJP farmers wing will stage free distribution of coconut to people stir on Jan 2 or 3, state president GK Nagaraj said .

On behalf of the team, a training workshop on central government schemes for the state administrators of the team was held at Erode today. After inaugurating it, Nagaraj told reporters that just as a thief is afraid of seeing the police, the Chief Minister is afraid of the BJP as  we are constantly exposing the mistakes of the government. BJP was first in staging stir to buy sugarcane from ryots. It should be bought at a price of Rs.35. Farmers are not getting proper price for coconuts. 

So the government should buy it and provide it with Pongal package. Otherwise,  BJP will hold a protest to distribute coconuts to the people free of cost. In our state, Tanjore is a rice granary. It appears that the decision was made to procure rice from Punjab for Pongal package,  for getting commission. Farmers in Annur are benefiting under the Joint Farming Scheme where 117 ponds are going to benefit under  the Athikadavu Avinasi scheme. There the AIADMK men has about 1000 acres of land. 

Sipcot project come up at Annur

The Sipcot industrial estate project has been announced there to take away their lands.   It seems that there is an intention to give it to some one.  If Sipcot project come up at Annur, the water of the Bhavanisagar dam nearby will be polluted. 

So, we  oppose it. Similarly effort is on to snatch lands of ryots for Parandur airport project. BJP is not against development work. But, farmers should not be affected. If one acre is taken from a farmer, he should be given two acres of land for farming. 99 pc of Athikadavu Avinasi project is completed. Pipe line should be laid only for 70 meters long. BJP has already staged stir for early completion of the project. The Chief Minister said that the project will be completed soon. 

Minister Muthuswamy said that it will be completed on January 15. If his promise is not kept, BJP will stage massive stir. The central government has not reduced its share in the crop insurance scheme.  But the state government has not properly implemented the scheme, he alleged.