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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Blow to Election  Commission’s freedom

Blow to Election Commission’s freedom

The urgent appointment of the Election Commissioner by the Union Government has caused a lot of controversy. In this situation, the former Chief Election Commissioner Qureshi has raised his voice about this.
``Election Commission of India is the most powerful and powerful election organization in the world. But there is a major drawback in choosing its commissioner. 

There is no transparency in the appointment of Election Commissioner as in other countries. The Prime Minister decides who is the Election Commissioner. The President gives his assent.  That's why even the recent appointment has caused many controversies'', he said, causing a sensation in the political circle.
The post of third election commissioner was lying vacant for six months since last May.

Even when the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections were announced, the third commissioner post was kept vacant by the government.  They made the appointment within 12 hours of hearing the case in the Supreme Court. That is why the Supreme Court has raised serious questions.

India's electoral system is well-respected globally. But there is a major flaw in deciding its leadership.
A committee should be formed which includes the leader of opposition and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court if the appointment is to be non-discriminatory. Legislation should be framed accordingly.

There are less than a thousand permanent employees under the Election Commission.  But there are one crore and twenty lakh government employees who are trained to conduct elections.  This practice is powerful. The leadership that guides it should be able to function independently. Only then can fair and honest elections be ensured.

Currently, the appointment of the Election Commissioner has sparked controversy.  The people of the country expect that the Supreme Court, which is investigating the public interest case, will issue an appropriate order!