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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Breakfast in Schools:Thank you Stalin...Thank you!

Breakfast in Schools:Thank you Stalin...Thank you!

On the occasion of Anna's birthday, the 'Chief Minister's Breakfast Program' was launched by Chief Minister M. K. Stalin in Madurai on September 15. The scheme was initially launched in 1545 schools. One lakh and twenty five thousand  students benefited from this.

The government announced that attendance of children has increased in 85% of the schools that have implemented the scheme. Also, parents and teachers are widely supporting this program not only students.
Subsequently, the government announced that the scheme would be extended to all primary schools across Tamil Nadu. That means 17 lakh students studying in 31 thousand government schools will benefit. This morning, Chief Minister Stalin has fulfilled his dream by launching the extended 'breakfast programme' extended to all schools in Thirukkuvalai, the birthplace of former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi.
The parents and teachers of the children tasted and test the quality of the breakfast served in the schools. Many praised the quality and taste of the food. The amount of food in this breakfast provided by the government for children is 150 to 200 grams. It contains 293.40 calories, 9.85 grams of protein,and 5.91 grams of fat, 1.64 grams of iron and 20.41 grams of calcium.

Most of the parents of children studying in government primary schools are doing wage work. There areThuimaiPaniyalar and there are people who do house hold work. There are farmers. There are workers who go to 100 days work. There are also people who work at home, shepherds of goats and cows. Children of parents below the poverty line are more likely to study in government primary schools. Income is very low. They are people from poor background. Many of them have to go to work early in the morning.

Nutritious food for their children is everything. First there will be no breakfast. So they come to school tired in the morning. There will be no energy. Ever since the ``Chief Minister's Breakfast Scheme'' was started, children have been coming to school regularly in the morning. This has increased the attendance. They eat the breakfast because it tastes good.
At home they get the same food for breakfast. But, every day there are different kinds of food in the school. After a peaceful breakfast meal they sit excitedly and listen to the lessons. One can see the joy in their face.
Parents are happy that with this breakfast programme; their huge burden has been reduced and children are excited to eat the delicious food served in the morning.
Even after 100 years, this Dravidian model project is successful. Tamil Nadu is thanking Chief Minister Stalin.This is such a useful program!