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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

C.M Stalin the Chief Sirpi of TN

Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has been announcing many action plans in government schools one after the other. At present, the “ Sirpi'(Sirpi here not meant for sculptor but  its is narration of Students In Responiosible Police Initiative) programme has been implemented to improve the discipline of government school students.

In recent times, children's obsession with violence has increased after the advent of Android mobiles. Children who see direct scenes of violence easily become psychologically habituated to violence. `` Sirpi'' programme is to prevent that.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin said, "A good generation can be created by guiding the juveniles in their growing years. From the point of preventing crimes, we can move to the point of creating an environment where crimes do not occur."Sirpi is a responsible plan to sculpt such a generation." 
Fifty students of eighth grade from one school are going to be involved.

They will be taken to 8 tourist spots to inculcate general knowledge, historical awareness, exercise and sports training. About 2764 male students and 2236 female students will be benefited by this 5000 people. Thus, the government has planned to prevent school children from engaging in bad habits at a young age.
A separate uniform is provided to the active students of this program.

This plan, which has been put into action after deep thought, is grand; Developed with social concern, Stalin said. The sculptor(Sirpi)carves and carves the stone with a chisel and transforms it into a statue. We worship and admire it. Similarly, it is not an exaggeration to say that ``Sirpi'' programme will transform the students into moral sealers and socially concerned people from an early age.

For this program to be successful, students must commit themselves with determination. It is necessary for teachers and parents to work together with them. Each and every student should reach a level of excellence to be admired by all. That alone will ensure the success of the Sirpi programme. Thanks to Chief Minister M.K.Stalin who has evolved as the chief(Sirpi) of Tamil Nadu!