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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

Call for linguistic equality in CBSE tests

Call for linguistic equality in CBSE tests

The Central Board of Secondary Education has released a recruitment notification for 118 Category A, B, and C Posts, imposing a Hindi test. The test results reportedly show 30 marks for Hindi out of 300 marks in CBSE A and 15 marks for Hindi in Section B, violating Official Language Rules for linguistic equality in India.

Su Venkatesan MP from Tamil Nadu has opposed this and written a letter to the central government, alleging that injustice has been done to candidates from non-Hindi speaking states. He has strongly urged to stop the injustice in it.

India is a multi-lingual country. There should be a level playing field. Barring non-Hindi speaking state candidates from participating in the competition itself can never be accepted. It is undemocratic.

Therefore, the demand of non-Hindi speaking states including Tamil Nadu is that CBSC should cancel its notification and announce the exam pattern immediately.