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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Cancel NEET and CUET exams!

Cancel NEET and CUET exams!

The Centre conducts entrance examinations for admission to various courses in all Central Universities funded by the University Grants Commission for the academic year 2022-23. 

With the introduction of the NEET for medical admission, the Central Government is actively involved in bringing in the entrance examination for higher education in all the streams. This reactionary move by the central government proves this. 

The Common University Entrance Test for the Central Universities, like the NEET, will create discrimination among the school education systems across the country and greatly underestimate the developmental infrastructure of schools based on the state curriculum.

This decision by the Union Government will create an environment where students will seek training centres to increase their scores. Tamil Nadu students' enrollment in central universities will be greatly reduced. Educators see this move by the Centre as another undesirable move. 

The New Education Policy introduced by the Union Government does not include the word social justice. It is no surprise then that the government is now bringing in entrance exams from primary to university level. 

Therefore, the Centre should cancel the NEET for medical studies and the CUET for the Central Universities or exempt Tamil Nadu from them. In what way is it fair for the Central Government to interfere with the learning process of Tamil Nadu students?