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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Caste wise Census across the country is  needed

Caste wise Census across the country is needed

Before the independence of the country, it was during the British rule that the caste-wise census was conducted systematically. According to the statistics taken at that time, reservation is being followed across India even today.
After the independence of the country, demands are being made regarding the caste census. This demand intensified in the 1980s and 1990s when the reservation issue was revived in full swing.
After this, a caste-wise census was conducted in the previous Congress-led UPA regime. But those statistics aren't exhaustive; The ruling BJP government at the center is saying that it is confusing.It is against this backdrop that the ruling JD(U) , RJD & Congress coalition government in Bihar conducted a caste survey. 
Bihar was the first state in the country to conduct a caste census in recent times. But cases were filed against this too. 
There were positive and negative judgments in this.In this case, Bihar government has released the details of caste wise census. 
Bihar has a total population of 13 crores out of which 27.13% are backward; Most Backward-36.01%; Overall backwardness is 63.14%; General category-15.52%; Depressed people-19.65%; Tribal population 1.69% Religious census profile: Hindus-81.99%; Muslims-17.7%; Christians 0.05%; Sikhs 0.01%; Buddhists- 0.08%; Other Religions 0.12% Caste wise theYadavs (Deputy Chief Minister TejashwiYadav’s caste) : 14%; Kushawaha 4.27% ; Brahmins - 3.65%; Mushagar- 3% Gurmi (Nitishkumar caste) 2.87% ; Bhumikar- 2.86%
Presently Bihar has 16% reservation for Scheduled Community, 1% for Most Backward Classes, 12% for Backward Classes and 18% for Scheduled Castes. 63 percent of the backward classes now occupy only 30 percent of the seats. General category with 15.5% enjoys 50% reservation. 
Even after 75 years of independence, backward sections are still unable to get their due places in education, employment and political representation. This is seen as a great social injustice.
The results of this caste census have created shockwaves across India. Lessons learnt from Bihar, caste census should lead to such census across the states in India, said former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi MP. 
He has raised his voice.Thirumavalavan, leader of the Tamil Nadu Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi, has put forward a demand that the union government should immediately conduct a caste-wise census without making any more excuses. He has demanded that the Tamil Nadu government should also conduct a caste survey.
The ruling BJP government only cares about the upper castes that are numerically less. That is why the Union Government has been obstructing the attempt to conduct caste census.
The result of Bihar Caste Survey has emerged as an example. Now the voice of the backward will be heard. The Union BJP government has faced a crisis that caste census should be conducted across the country to save social justice.
May the season of liberation be born!