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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Center’s bargaining  tactics through language imposition

Center’s bargaining tactics through language imposition

The goal of the BJP administration, led by Prime Minister Modi, has been to force Hindi on non-Hindi speaking states ever since it took office. It attempts to pierce Hindi gradually, much to inserting a needle into a banana.
Additionally, letters supporting the government are being sent to lawmakers who are not familiar with Hindi. They stop speaking and try again to impose Hindi if there is a lot of resistance to this. In a same vein, the names of all Union Government initiatives are in Hindi.
In Kerala where the Union Government has stopped funding due to the refusal to put the name of the project in Hindi. State Minister Veena George said, the Union Government insisted that the name of the National Health Mission in Kerala should be changed to AyushmanArogyaMandir. Changing the name in Hindi will not be understood by rural people in Kerala. So the state government announced that name change in Hindi is not possible. Subsequently, the Union Government refused to allocate funds for the project as it refused to change the name in Hindi.
In the centers built for this project we added six symbols provided by the Union Government on the name board. But now the union government says that they will provide funds only if the name is changed in Hindi. Due to this, the salary of the employees working in this project has been affected. And the Union Government has not given even one instalment of the Union Government's allocation of Rs.826 crore to the State.
Bargaining in Hindi to release funds for state schemes is blatant Hindi imposition. And the fact that the Union Government is involved in this not only amounts to deceiving the State Government but also betraying the people.
Hindi learning is open to anyone; there is no barrier to it. However, what good is it if the name of a government scheme isprovided in Hindi, a language that the residents of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, among other southern states, do not understand?
It is well known that the states in the south will never consent to Hindi being imposed upon them... History teaches you that attempting to utilize this for political gain will not result in success.