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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Central, State intelligence on high alert after Nedumaran's claim on Prabakaran's existence

Central, State intelligence on high alert after Nedumaran's claim on Prabakaran's existence

The Sri Lankan Army officially announced that LTTE leader Prabhakaran was killed in the last May 2009 war in Sri Lanka. It also published a photograph of him lying dead after being shot. Meeting the press in Thanjavur on Monday the president of the World Tamil Federation Nedumaran said, ``Prabhakaran was not killed in the Sri Lankan final war. He is still alive and well. His family is also fine. Prabhakaran will be out soon. I am making this announcement with his permission.''

He also said that the international environment and the protests of the Sinhalese people, which have exploded to the point of overthrowing the Rajapakse regime in Sri Lanka, have created an ideal environment for the emergence of a Tamil Eelam fighter. While this caused a stir, Sri Lankan Army spokesperson Ravi Herath denied the news that Prabhakaran was alive.

He said, ``Liberation Tigers leader Prabhakaran is not alive now. We have evidence that he died in the final battle.'' Tamilnadu leaders are expressing shock and happiness in this regard. Everyone including Vaiko, Seeman, Mutharasan said, ``It is doubtful if Prabhakaran comes back alive but happy if he do comes".   Nedumaran, known as the senior leader of Tamil Nadu who has been in close contact with Prabhakaran, is the one who claims that Prabhakaran is alive.

 He didn't need to say that. It seems that his claim cannot be completely dismissed. This issue has caught the attention of the intelligence agencies of the Union and State Governments. They are constantly collecting information related to Prabhakaran. It seems that an inquiry has also been ordered against Nedumaran and his supporters.

Tamil Nadu Q Branch police have also started collecting information related to Prabhakaran. The police, led by Additional DGP Davidson Dewasirwadham, Intelligence Division of the Tamil Nadu Police Department, have resumed the investigation. All the documents that have already been collected about Prabhakaran's death have been retrieved and investigation is being conducted.

The movements of Nedumaran and his associates have been brought under surveillance. How could it be said that Prabhakaran is still alive? The people of Tamil Nadu are also confused by the mystery. Evidence must be released to put an end to it. The knot should be untied immediately and the evidence should be released. Or intelligence should inquire and clarify the decision. Did Prabhakaran die in battle? Is he alive? Let's wait and see!