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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

Chennai is embracing advanced security with Godrej's new Matrix Locker, AccuGold, and SmartFog

Chennai is embracing advanced security with Godrej's new Matrix Locker, AccuGold, and SmartFog

Godrej Security Solutions, a division of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, unveiled their latest innovations at the Secure 4.0 event in Chennai. The highlight of the event was the introduction of the new Matrix Locker with I Warna sophisticated security solution that exemplifies the fusion of traditional security with modern digital integration. 

The Secure 4.0 event showcased a range of innovations, including the Matrix Locker with I warn, alongside comprehensive security solutions and revolutionary technology like the 'SmartFog’ – A powerful fogging security system designed to halt intruders in their tracks, adding an additional layer of protection. In addition, Godrej Security Solutions alsointroduced ‘AccuGold’ – A gold testing machine to determine the gold purity with the highest accuracy. 

Mr.PushkarGokhale, Business Head of Godrej Security Solutions, expressed the brand's commitment to constant innovation to meet evolving security needs. He stated,“The launch of the 'New Matrix Home Locker with I -warn Alarm system', 'SmartFogintegration’ and‘Accugold’ Gold purity Testing machines, represents a significant leap forward in security solutions. We are excited to present these breakthrough products as a part of our Secure 4.0 initiative, and confident that theseshall empower all customers including Jewellers, with unparalleled protection and peace of mind."

Mr.Gokhale further revealed an on-going awareness campaign focusing on insurance claims. He stated the criticality of having a locker to store cash else the claims in the event of theft of cash will not be considered by the Insurance company. The campaign aims to equip businesses with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and effectively safeguard their financial interests.