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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Chief Minister of Manipur...Resign first!

Chief Minister of Manipur...Resign first!

A clash broke out between two communities in Manipur on May 3. Then violence erupted. Normalcy has not returned to Manipur for more than two and a half months. Internet service disabled.

Meanwhile, a video of 2 tribal women belonging to a community in Manipur being stripped naked and taken in a procession has surfaced on social media and has caused a great shock. It has caused severe shocks across the country.

All parties are insisting that strict action should be taken against the criminals. The matter also echoed in Parliament. The Chief Justice has recorded his condemnation with a caveat that the Supreme Court will intervene directly.

Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi's attitude towards violence in Manipur is now under fire. Prime Minister Modi should open his mouth to condemn Manipur atrocities, BJP state government should resign; The opposition parties have repeatedly insisted that steps should be taken to restore peace immediately. But till yesterday morning he remained silent.

In this situation, he broke his silence when the video of the procession of naked women was released and the nation was in turmoil. Talking about the issue of Manipur, he said, "We will never forgive the cruelty of women in Manipur. The Manipur incident has caused great pain and my heart is heavy. Steps have been taken to protect India's mother and sisters. Manipur incident is a shame for the country. "Criminals cannot escape," he said.

After more than 1,800 hours of silence, the Prime Minister has opened up about Manipur. At a time when violence was on the rise in Manipur, Prime Minister Modi intensified his Karnataka state election campaign. Although representatives of the people of Manipur sought time to meet him, he avoided meeting them and traveled to America. He took part in flag-waving ceremonies for Vande Bharat trains and then flew to France. He held a consultative meeting of the alliance parties.


The Prime Minister has opened his mouth after the release of a video about the brutal situation in Manipur in the context of the parliamentary session. The PM's speech was too little, too late.
Why is the Prime Minister silent? Amit Shah, who is admired by the BJP as a strategist to win the election, went to Manipur. Why didn't peace return there after that? What was the chief minister of this state doing for 2 months. These are the questions that the people of the country are asking.

So, the Manipur BJP government is very close to staying in office. The demand of all opposition parties is that not only the Chief Minister of Manipur but also Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah should be held responsible for the atrocities that have happened so far. That is the expectation of the people of the country.

Mere words can no longer do anything. This is the time to plan and act. No childishness. The Chief Minister of Manipur should resign immediately. After all this, what is he going to achieve by sticking to the Chief Minister's chair?

Arresting the culprits in the nude procession issue is not enough. Peace must return to Manipur. Prime Minister Modi should take serious steps for this. Let's trust him.


Chief Minister of Manipur... Resign first.


Let the violence cease and peace return!