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CHRIST University Pune, Lavasa Campus

CHRIST University Pune, Lavasa Campus

CHRIST University, Lavasa is a name that has become synonymous with quality education. The university embodies the vision of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), offering a state-of-the-art educational environment that combines academic excellence with technological innovation. 
Nestling amidst picturesque settings in Lavasa, surrounded by lush green vegetation, hills and lakes, Christ University Lavasa, provides the ideal setting for learning, reflection and self discovery. 
So, what makes the university special? What makes it stand apart from the crowd? To get the answers to all these questions, we caught up with Dr.Fr.Lijo Thomas, Dean & Director, of the university at the college campus, for an exclusive interview. 
“Aligned with the goals of NEP 2020, our university is at the forefront of integrating technology into education. The university leverages advanced technological tools to enhance learning experiences, making education more accessible and engaging. 
By incorporating digital platforms and interactive content, we ensure that students receive quality education, that prepares them for future challenges,” stated Dr.Fr.Lijo Thomas beginning the interaction.
Getting students industry-ready
One of the key reasons that make CHRIST University Lavasa stand out from others is the emphasis on industry –student interaction. Going further into the initiatives, Dr.Fr. Lijo Thomas mentioned,” The University offers a range of opportunities for students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, preparing them for success in their chosen fields. One avenue for practical learning is through industry internships and placements. 
The university has strong ties with various industries, allowing students to gain valuable work experience and insights into professional practices.”
Continuing further on the topic he added, “These internships provide a platform for students to apply classroom learning in real-world projects, develop industry-specific skills and build professional networks. Moreover, the university encourages experiential learning through projects, case studies and simulations. Students engage in collaborative projects that mimic real-life scenarios, challenges them to problem,-solve, innovate and collaborate effectively. This hands-on approach fosters critical thinking, creativity and adaptability, preparing students for the dynamic challenges of the workforce. 

World-class facilities
The university’s infrastructure is meticulously designed to blend innovation and technology with comfort, fostering an environmental that simulates both academic and personal growth. Seamless connectivity and automation is the hallmark of the campus, high-speed Wi-Fi, smart classrooms, and a campus wide tech infrastructure are designed and improved constantly to support a modern interconnected learning environment, adapting to the evolving needs of education. 
“As the ‘Hub of Analytics’continous additions are made to the campus infrastructure to support students with understanding and application of analytics,” he noted.

Cutting -edge programs
The university has established itself as a premier institution for analytics and innovation. It offers cutting –edge programs in data analytics, business intelligence, and related fields, equipping students with the skills needed to excel in the digital age. 
“Our programs are designed to provide hands- on experience with the latest tools and technologies, ensuring that graduates are well prepared for the evolving job market. The commitment to inclusivity is the cornerstone of CHRIST University Lavasa’s mission. 
    BBA Business Analytics
    MA (English with Digital Humanities)
    MSc (Global Finance & Analytics)
    MSc (Economics & Analytics)
    MSc (Data Science) 
    Ph.D (Data Science) & More

By using educational technology, the university provides equal access to learning resources for all students, including those in remote areas and those with disabilities. Visual lectures, online resources and interactive platforms ensure that every student can benefit from high-quality education, regardless of their background or location,” he explained.

Developing future entrepreneurs
CHRIST University Lavasa promotes entrepreneurship and innovation through incubation centres, start-up initiatives and industry ment0ring programs. Students have the opportunity to develop their own business ideas, access resource and guidance from experience entrepreneurs and participate in business pitch competitions. 
“This practical exposure to entrepreneurship nurtures and entrepreneurial mindset and equips students with the skills to return ideas into reality. In addition, the university emphasises practical skills development through workshops, seminars, and industry-focused events. Guest lectures by industry experts, hackathons and skill development workshops provide students with insights into industry trends, technological advancements and best practices. These practical learning experiences supplement classroom teachings, enriching the overall learning experience,” Dr.Fr. Lijo Thomas said.

Experienced faculty
“The faculty are the heartbeat of the campus, “he mentioned, before adding,” Consisting of some of the finest talents, they are dedicated to shaping the minds and love of learning in the students. Comprising seasoned educators and industry experts the faculty team brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom. As a residential campus, there is focus on personalised learning, where faculty ad mister an open-door policy. 
Student’s can engage in one-on-one discussions, seek guidance and explore academic interest outside the formal classroom setting and beyond the working hours in the campus. Our faculty are not just educators but mentors guiding students through a transformative journey.

Beacon of 
educational excellence
Finally in conclusion, Dr.Fr.Lijo Thomas stated that the university truly stands a beacon of educational excellence, embodying the vision outlined in NEP 2020. “This transformative vision emphasises integrating technology, creating a serene learning environment and focusing on analytics and innovation. Through these pillars, the university is not just shaping the nation’s landscape but also preparing students to become the leaders to tomorrow, who will contribute significantly India’s growth as a global knowledge leader. 
The integration of technology at the university is pervasive and forward –thinking. This integration of technology not only makes education more accessible and engaging but also ensure s that students are well-prepared for the demons of the digital age,” he said signing off.

Future leaders
According to Dr.Fr. Lijo Thomas the university offers the ideal atmosphere to develop future leaders, who are not only knowledgeable but also ethical and socially responsible. The integration of technology in education is done thoughtfully, with an emphasis on ethical considerations and the responsible use of data. Students are taught to be critical thinkers and effective communicators, equipped with the skills and values needed to navigate and contribute to a rapidly changing world.

Holistic education

The university’s faculties comprises of experienced educators and industry experts who are committed to providing the highest quality education. The curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest advancements and trends, ensuring students receive a relevant and forward looking education.
Elaborating on the topic, he said,” The University is deeply committed to providing holistic education which goes beyond academic excellence to nurture the overall development of students. 
The university’s approach encompasses, physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects, ensuring that students emerge as well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the modern world.
One key aspect of the approach is the emphasis on character development and ethical values.” Through workshops, seminars and value-based education initiatives, students learn the importance of integrity, empathy and social responsibility.
“They are encouraged to reflect on ethical dilemmas and make decisions guided by principles of fairness and justice. Furthermore CHRIST University Lavasa prioritises mental and emotional well-being through counselling service, mindfulness programs and stress management workshops. 
The university recognises the importance of mental health in academic success and personal growth. The university promotes a culture of inclusivity and diversity, fostering an environment where students from different backgrounds can learn and grow together interdisciplinary learning opportunities, cultural exchanges and community service initiatives, further enrich the holistic education experience at CHRIST University Lavasa,” he observed.