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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

City-based technology firm announces  scholarship on the occasion of its silver jubilee

City-based technology firm announces scholarship on the occasion of its silver jubilee

Soliton Technologies, a Coimbatore based company has announced an annual scholarship on the occasion of its silver jubilee. The high technology company specializes in automation software for the semiconductor, medical equipment and manufacturing industries. According to the company the scholarship will enable 25 unconventionally creative school students to pursue engineering studies. 

Addressing the media on the occasion, Mr. Ganesh Devaraj, Founder & CEO of the company mentioned that as part of its silver jubilee, the company is announcing a scholar program to identify 25 school students annually, who are passionate about pursuing engineering education. The company intends to support them during their undergraduate degree education.  

He added that these students may or may not get the high marks required for getting into good engineering colleges through the normal route. He further added that he is looking forward to partnerships with both schools and colleges to make the program happen. He explained that once selected the  students from the schools will be sent to engineering colleges and for that the company is looking for partnerships with colleges.

Devaraj said that the program will initially cover students from  within the city and state limits and at a later stage across the country.  Mekhala Devaraj, Co-Founder of the company, Arjun Sathiyaseelan, Director Engineering, Soliton Technologies and Anish Mathews, President, Soliton Inc were also present on the occasion.

Schools and colleges which are interested in partnering with the company in the initiative can get in touch with the company at