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Today Date : Saturday, July 20, 2024

City Corp, NGO join  hands to manage stray dogs

City Corp, NGO join hands to manage stray dogs

Dogs of Coimbatore, a non-profit initiative of the VAJRA Social Welfare Trust, along with Coimbatore Corporation (East Zone), is conducting a survey to manage the stray dog population in the area and implement measures for its welfare. 

The survey, which started on May 20 with the support from Mr. Raja Gopal Sunkara, Commissioner and Special Officer, Coimbatore Corporation, will soon be extended to other zones of the city. 

The initiative includes mapping stray dog population, vaccination drives for infectious diseases and population control measures. Technical support for the project is being provided by Worldwide Veterinary Services Taskforce, an organisation based in Goa. Volunteers trained by the Taskforce, arel going around the city in scooters for data collection.
Speaking about the initiative, Kesica Jayapalan, Founder, Dogs of Coimbatore, said, the initiative was aimed at safe and peaceful coexistence of stray dogs and the public.