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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Civil Air Craft Crash in Nepal

Civil Air Craft Crash in Nepal

Finding the aircraft that crashed with 22 people in Nepal, the rescue squad has recovered 14 dead bodies and are about to send them for postmortem. Efforts are on to find whether there are Indians among the dead.

" Fourteen bodies have been recovered from the accident site and sending more rescue personnel is hindered by bad weather," said spokes person for the Nepal Civil Aviation Department.Earlier on Sunday, the 9 NAET small aircraft of Thara Air Company left at 9.55 am with 19 passengers  from Nepal's capital Katmandu and flew to Jomsom city which is 80 kms North West from Pokra and 200 kms North West from the capital. 

Within a short time after takeoff it lost contact with the air traffic control.Airport authorities said that the contact was cut when the aircraft was flying at Thalgiri hills. It was scheduled to land at Jomsom at 10.15 a.m. WIthin 15 minutes after take off it lost contact with the control room. A total of 22 people were in the plane including 

 Indian passengers, 2 Germans, 13 Nepal citizens and 3 flight workers.Search for the plane was carried out throughout Sunday and it was found crashed in Mistang mountain area. Local people informed the police that the plane was found crashed at Gowang village near the banks of the Lamse river.It was reported that all the 22 who traveled in the plane had died. The Indians who were involved in the accident are from Maharashtra state. The bodies of the 14 bodies will be taken for postmortem to Katmandu said officials.