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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

CM justifies boycotting Governor's tea party:withholding neet bill denigrating assembly: stalin

CM justifies boycotting Governor's tea party:withholding neet bill denigrating assembly: stalin

The Chief Minister said the NEET exemption bill which impacts the entire Tamil people and proposed by the entire assembly was lying in the Governor’s office for the last 210 days without anyone looking at it.  
Delivering speech in the state assembly today under Rule 110, the Chief Minister pointed out that attending a tea party in the very same place (Governor’s office) had to be boycotted in order to respect the sentiments and needs of the people of the state and because it would amount to disrespect of the assembly.” 

I have written a letter to the Governor myself- the details of which has been widely released,” he said.
Reiterating that the government had not personal rift with the Government the Chief Minister said that he enjoys cordial relations with the Governor at a personal level. 

“In fact the Governor has appreciated the government in personal interactions. It has even been widely published by the media. He respects us and we give due respect him for his constitutional position. We will continue to do so and everyone should uphold this culture of the Tamils. Tamilnaudu should get its due and that is of prime importance to me”, he said.

He further said, “Respecting the state assembly’s dignity and the sentiments of the Tamil people the Governor should sent the NEET bill for the President’s assent. Withholding it is and inappropriate act and is against the dignity of the assembly. Governor’s inaction with respect to the NEET bill is not against me but an affront against the people. I have faced several degrading incidents and pain in the 50 years of my political career. My principle is to keep focusing on my work. 

At a personal level I am willing to bear whatever pain, degrading incidents, putting aside praise if it could result in benefit to the Tamil people. Sending the NEET exemption bill to the President of India is the all-important matter. Hence this decision (not attending the tea party hosted by the Governor) was taken and I will continue to brush aside personal praises or degradations and push forward the most important matter. 

It is also my duty to protect the dignity of the century old assembly and the decision was taken in realization of this duty. We shall continue to voice the feelings of the people in all forums and restore their rights. 

The bill which the Governor returned was once again passed in the assembly on February 8, 2022 and was sent to the Governor. It is 70 days till today and the media reports that the Governor has decided to send the NEET bill to the President. Depending on the developments, if the need is felt an all-party meeting will be convened in the assembly and next course of action will be decided,” said Stalin.