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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

CM passes resolution for Sethusamudram project

CM passes resolution for Sethusamudram project

The Tamil Nadu Assembly on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution urging the union government to implement the ‘Sethusamudram project. While passing the resolution, Chief Minister MK Stalin said, “It had been a dream project of former Chief Minister Annadurai. Anna in his letter to Kalaignar in 1967 emphasized the importance of implementing the project.

By executing the Sethusamudram shipping canal project, trade opportunities would widen, ships need not take longer routes by going around Sri Lanka and fishermen's life would flourish.”    “In 1998, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee allocated funds for the project and in 2004, the project was kick-started by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It is in the BJP regime, the route for the Sethusamudram was identified. When Rs 247 crore was allocated and the project was halfway through, it was stopped due to political reasons,” he remembered.

Stating that delaying the implementation of the project would delay the growth and development of Tamil Nadu, he said that certain forces are trying to stop this project permanently and it is against the growth of the country.
“So, the union government should implement the project without any delay. The Tamil Nadu government would extend all its support in implementing the project,” he added.

His speech was followed by a debate. The resolution comes almost a month after the BJP government announced the parliament that there is no Ram Sethu bridge under the sea. Contrary to the public expectations, BJP MLA Nayinar Nagendran announced that the BJP would support the resolution. Speaking in the assembly, Nagendran said, “We are working Ram as our God. So, we cannot accept that Ramayanam is just a mythical story. We don't know whether Lord Ram actually built that bridge. But it is our belief. But I belong to the southern part of the state and it is a fact that the project would ensure the growth of the state. So, I support the project.”

Pointing out that travel via water to southern districts would be feasible if the project comes up, he said that easy access to southern districts would ensure its growth.   “During the Vajpayee regime, research was conducted and reporters were prepared. During the Manmohan Singh regime, foundation stone was laid for the project. Kalaignar supported the project and constantly spoke about it.

But this is a shallow region.  Construction is extremely difficult here. Also, Mandapam is very close to it. So, transportation would also be very difficult. The project should be implemented keeping all these factors in mind. If the project is implemented without damaging the Ram Sethu bridge, BJP will support it,” he added.
All MLAs had supported the resolution.