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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

CM releases book, 'From ThiramilaSangam to Dravida Model'

CM releases book, 'From ThiramilaSangam to Dravida Model'

The book "From ThiramilaSangam to Dravida Model" edited by PasumponPandian was released by the Chief Minister M.K Stalin in Erode on Sunday. Housing Minister Mr.S.Muthuswamy received the first copy of the book. The event, organized by the Anna DravidaMakkalMunetraKazhagam, witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries and party executives.

 Through various articles the book sheds light on the early phases of Dravidian development, its evolution, and its societal impacts. It also delves into the significance of Dravidian movements in advocating for social justice, along with an analysis of the programes implemented for women under the Dravidian model regime. Chief Minister Stalin expressed his keen interest in the publication, remarking on his enjoyment while reading it and commending the efforts of PasumponPandian. 

Highlighting the importance of preserving and promoting the Dravidian heritage among the younger generation Stalin also emphasized the need for comprehensive educational initiatives that accurately depict the historical context and achievements of the Dravidian movement. Additionally, the event served as a forum for the exchange of ideas between political leaders, scholars, and activists, fostering a spirit of collaboration and unity in advancing the principles of social justice and equality. 

The book launch ceremony served as a platform for discussions on the future trajectory of Dravidian ideology and its role in shaping Tamil Nadu's socio-political landscape. Chief Minister Stalin emphasized the continuing relevance of Dravidian principles in fostering inclusive development and upholding social justice. 

Participants reflected on the enduring legacy of the Dravidian movement and its ongoing contributions to the state. K.E Prakash, Erode Parliamentary Constituency INDIA alliance candidate Erode City DMK and other party executives were present. The book underscores its relevance and importance in contemporary discourse.