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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

CM urged to reduce debt burden of TN

CM urged to reduce debt burden of TN

TMC youth wing state president M Yuvaraja appealed to the CM to reduce the debt burden of the state for the benefit of people and thus check the state to go on the path of Sri Lanka and Pakistan which faced deep economic crisis due to over debt burden.

He said at the end of the financial year 2022-23, Tamil Nadu has topped the list of most indebted states in India with having over Rs 6 lakh cr debt. After the DMK came to power the debt burden rose by Rs 2 cr of which Rs 87000 cr was obtained in 2022-23 alone. In that year, Maharashtra ranked second with getting Rs 72,000 crore, West Bengal Rs 63,000 crore, Andhra Pradesh Rs 57,478 crore and Uttar Pradesh Rs 55,612 crore. In today's situation, Tamil Nadu government has placed a debt burden of more than Rs one lakh on each person. When India gained independence in 1947, the British left us without a single rupee of debt. But the most indebted state in India today is TN due to offering unnecessary freebies to win in the election.Tamil Nadu is in the first place in the list of states giving freebies. 

There is nothing wrong with giving freebies to people when the financial burden is less. Free education, free medical care and social security are enough to help the poor and needy.

 The TNSTC has over Rs 48000 cr debt burden. No new buses were bought for the past 2 years. Many existed buses were in poor condition. The BS2 (Barath Stage) buses were not yet replaced by BS6 buses. But, free travel was offered to ladies in buses while none asked for it. The DMK offered that concession to capture power pushing the TNSTC into the verge of deep crisis. Now, the DMK planned to privatise TNSTC slowly by outsourcing drivers and conductors, thus, snatching permanent  job opportunity of youths under the reservation policy, he rued.